Pam Ward @ da Poetry Lounge March 18

Pam Ward at da Poetry Lounge
Tuesday March 18
 9 PM
Greenway Court Theatre
544 N. Fairfax Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036.
$5 (cash only) on Open Mic Nights

Press Release: L.A. Riots Spawn Novel

Written by Pam Ward and inspired by real-life events, ‘Want Some Get Some’ is the topical tale of Trudy, AKA: Trudy with the Booty, a young woman whose life is twisted upside down by her ex, Lil’ Steve. As explicit videos of her litter the community, she plans her revenge, schemes with her crew and dreams of escaping the streets. Sensual writing, raw emotion, a motley cast of characters and a good dose of humor make this debut novel one to watch.

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA – During the 1970s and early 1980s, Jayne Kennedy was the Halle Berry of her time.

That is, until a sex tape of her and her husband Leon Isaac Kennedy was released into the public domain, and the perception of Jayne as celebrity and as a role model was annihilated. Unable to ever recover her reputation, Jayne faded into obscurity and to this day, has never regained the fame she enjoyed as a young woman.

Pam Ward, author of ‘Want Some Get Some’, found Jayne’s story to be about more than just a fall from grace – it was a case of vicious and systematic exploitation. Inspired by Jayne, Ward wrote her novel and created the character of Trudy – a woman who also finds out that nude videos of her have been circulated in the community.

“Trudy is a survivor, and I see a lot of beauty and fierceness in that. As someone who has witnessed and experienced violence, I wanted to explore this theme within the backdrop of Los Angeles,” says the author. ““I wrote WANT SOME GET SOME on my front porch during the three week hiatus the riot created from my design business. None of my clients wanted to come where I worked off Crenshaw and Adams so I had a great window to do something else creative.”

Writing the whole book long-hand, using her daughter’s notebook paper, Pam was literally seething. “I was breathing in all that riot smoke, watching telephone poles blaze up like big Christmas trees as gangs of folks raced home with fresh stolen booze. Nobody on the news was reporting what I saw.”

First published in 2007 and now being re-released as a two-part novel by Kensington in June of 2014, ‘Want Some Get Some’ is a devastatingly accurate portrayal of the quest for revenge, and a searing portrait of one woman’s struggle to survive, at all costs.


A Gritty Street Tale Bristling With The Muscle And Teeth Of Iceberg Slim And Donald Goines. Trudy, a.k.a. "Trudy with the Booty" knows what she wants and how to get it. But a better life far away from the jacked-up streets of South Central L.A. needs to be financed, and she can't think about leaving without handing some sweet payback to Lil' Steve, her slick talking ex. Ever since he started selling nude videos of her to the neighborhood men, Trudy can barely walk the streets. His demise would be the icing on the cake. But Trudy's plan to get even and escape the ghetto is more than risky-it may be the worst mistake of her life. Having recruited a crew of hustlers, car-jackers, and homewreckers who hang out at the seedy nightclub, Dee's Parlor, where she sings nights after working days as a bank teller, Trudy is ready to put her scheme into action-a heist that can make them all rich. There's just one problem: Jimmy, a stone-cold killer who doesn't like being ripped off. And while the best laid plans often do go awry, no one could have guessed where this wild, crazy ride takes this cast of bumbling lawbreakers and heartbreakers as they scramble over and under each other to get what they want. A fast-paced, exhilarating drama with sharply drawn characters, sultry writing, and a fierce intensity of emotion, Want Some, Get Some is a brilliantly assured debut. A promising new talent, Pam Ward brings a woman's sense of bravado to a boy's game.

Since its release, ‘Want Some Get Some’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon, and glowing reviews from readers.

“Pam Ward has weaved a tale about a girl name Trudy that is set on getting revenge on her ex boyfriend Lil Steve. She comes up with a plan to get her out the hood and at the same time pay him back for giving her a bad name. I couldn't put this book down once I started it! This author is so detailed that you feel as though you are one of the characters! I read a lot of books, but this one so far is my FAVORITE!” wrote Dimples

“Trudy was especially well-drawn. She was a beautiful woman but the child of a jealous, selfish woman who told her she was ugly which caused her to fall for the first man who smiled at her. Unfortunately for Trudy, it was the wrong man. The action was fast, the tension high and you found yourself talking to the characters, telling them to back off before they got hurt. It was an enjoyable story,” wrote The RAWSISTAZ ™ Reviewers.

Writing that she “couldn’t put this book down!” citygirl also said: “This story is raw and it's street. It's also refreshing that Trudy wasn't living "ghetto fabulous" which has become too common a lifestyle in today's urban fiction. She wasn't regarded as street royalty, driving around in the latest cars, and dripping in diamonds (so bored with those stories). She's a girl who is trying to make her way out the best way that she knows how; getting even with a hustler who did her wrong is just gravy! I loved this gritty tale and can't wait to hear more from this author!”

‘Want Some Get Some’ is available now:

Official date of Release: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Kensington Books

About the Author:
Pam Ward is a Los Angeles native. Her work can be found in Best American Erotica 2002, Men We Cherish, and poetry in Catch the Fire!!! She's the recipient of a California Arts Council Writing Fellowship, a New Letters Award for Poetry and was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize for Poetry.
This is her first novel. Her second novel is entitled Bad Girls Burn Slow, Kensington, 2008. Pam is currently working on her third novel.
For more information, visit:

Contact: Pam Ward / 323-732-3391 /

Reading at the World Stage Wed March 12

A Wanda Coleman Memorial featuring Pam Ward and women of the WStage.
Wednesday March 12th 7:30 PM
The World Stage in Leimert Park
4344 Degnan Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

About Pam


Pam Ward is a writer and graphic designer.


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Want Some Get Some

want some cover3 copy

A fast-paced, exhilarating drama with sharply drawn characters, sultry writing, and a fierce intensity of emotion, “Want Some, Get Some “is a brilliantly assured debut. A promising new talent, Pam Ward brings a woman’s sense of bravado to a boy’s game.

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Beyond Baroque roundtable Sunday March 16

Sunday March 16       7 pM
Beyond Baroque roundtable with writers Douglas Kearney, Kate Durbin and Pam Ward
681 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 822-3006

Bad Girls Burn Slow


“Beware of the darkness behind the innocent smile…”

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“write 5 minutes a day”

my notebook

Write five minutes a day! That’s how I finished my first novel, WANT SOME GET SOME. I just chipped at that evil heiffer every single day. Don’t think page count, think effort & heart…

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Creating “Want Some Get Some”


“I wrote Want Some Get Some on my front porch during the three week hiatus the riot created from my design business. None of my clients wanted to come where I worked off Crenshaw and Adams so I had a great window to do something else creative.”

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Jacked Up

jacked up

Pam Reads Trayvon Poem in Leimert Park

Neighborhood Watch

Pam Ward reads new Trayvon Martin poem at Leimert Park Book Fair Sat June 29 @ 3pm

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Want Some Get Some Excerpt

Read some of the gritty tale right here

Reviews for Want Some Get Some

  • Books To Mention (B2M)

    Want Some Get Some relates a story about greed and the destruction that follows.Will they survive, will they get what they want or will some get what they deserve? A great story unfolds in this wild and at times frightening read. Want Some Get Some is an exhilarating novel that won’t let readers down.” - BOOKS TO MENTION, Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer

  • APOOO Book Club

    One firecracker of a novel! Not only is there plenty of action and suspense, but there is also a hint of romance. Readers might need to buckle their seat belts and hold onto their seats, because this novel will take you on an intense ride that you will surely not forget! -APOOO Book Club, Sista Turning Pages

  • Citygirl Review

    Couldn’t Put This Book Down!, I always glance inside a book to read a few paragraphs before making a purchase – just to get a feel of it. Well, let me tell you, I was hooked on this one before I even walked out of the store! You feel like you’re in the story – watching from the sidelines and sweating with them in the L.A. heat. I loved this gritty tale and can’t wait to hear more from this author! - Citygirl Reviews


  • Amazon review

    If women ran the world, Pam Ward would be our cult leader. Filled with savage wit, this street story moves from killer moods to bank teller calm. It’s pure LA with palm trees and an Ice Berg Slim punch. You better ask somebody. This one is highly recommended.- AMAZON

Pam Ward Reads @ Words & Music

Pam Ward reads at Thunder Cafe in Quincy, California for Words & Music’s 25th Anniversary.

October 10th 7 pm

with V. Kali (from World Stage, Los Angeles)