Creating “Want Some Get Some”

Pam Ward’s first novel, Want Some Get Some, Kensington 2007 is a ode to Los Angeles and takes place a few years after the ‘92 riots. “I lived through two LA riots and couldn’t wait to jump in my car and go down Crenshaw to see what the hell was going on in April of ‘92.” Armed with her Rottweiler, Pam rolled down the boulevard behind a caravan of Crips who were videotaping the event on their motorcycles and SUV’s while waving blue scarves.

“I wrote Want Some Get Some on my front porch during the three week hiatus the riot created from my design business. None of my clients wanted to come where I worked off Crenshaw and Adams so I had a great window to do something else creative.” Writing the whole book long hand, she used her daughter’s notebook paper. Pam was literally seething. “I was breathing in all that riot smoke, watching telephone poles blaze up like big Christmas trees as gangs of folks raced home with fresh stolen booze. Nobody on the news was reporting what I saw.”

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